Since 1987, Berkshire Healthcare Systems, with the support of former management partner Berkshire Health Systems (BHS), has provided quality care, services and community partner engagement allowing us to build a reputation as a preferred provider of skilled nursing, hospice and senior housing services across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

After years of growth, development and maturation, we are proud to announce our reimagined organizational name – Integritus Healthcare. And although our name has changed, our mission remains unchanged – to be a not-for-profit, consumer-centered organization that is committed to fulfilling the health and residential needs of the population in the communities we serve.

Our new identity unites “INTEGRITY” with “US” as “Integritus” Healthcare – a name that is worthy of our mission, vision and core values and is made up of dedicated and valued team members who make us who we are committed to integrity in the care we provide to the individuals we serve.  Our new name and logo represents the future of ALL OF US – our residents, clients and their families, our communities and neighbors and business partners as well as our staff. Because after all, “You Are A Part of Us.

Compassion. Excellence. Stewardship. Teamwork. Integrity.